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vee3991 asked:

I´m surprised: no willow&tara pics/ images? :p just asking ´cause they´re like one of my all time fovorite couple

That’s because my computer wasn’t cooperating with my DVD software. All fixed! Now I need to find the time to rip them! I always reblogged on my personal one.. Why didn’t I think of reblogging it on to here!? Thanks for pointing that out! Lol I’ll make sure I do it next time!

PS I love then too! They were my first Lesbian Ship!!


Anonymous asked:

What shows do you get these gifs from?

Well I’ve got plenty. Most of the gifs are from the Spanish show Los Hombres de Paco. But I also have Lost Girl, Queer as Folk, Black Sails, Tierra de Lobos, Las Aparicio, Vecinos en Guerra and movies like, Bloomington, DEBS, I Can’t Think Straight….

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